Basic Prices
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Prices beginning at $3.50 sq.ft. and based on at least 500 sq.ft. Smaller amounts of footage based on time with a minimum of $500.


1.     Professional home measurement and consultation. Free delivery and handling of tile when purchased thru us at a preferred tile distributor. Otherwise there is a delivery charge of $50 per trip.

2.     Moving most furniture (not including very large items or an excessive amount), customer to disconnect electronics and empty all cabinets and move small pieces. Extra charge for beds and overly large pieces

3.     Standard floor prep up to 1/8” thick. That is removal of carpet and vinyl… Extra charge for removal of ceramic and wood depending on the type

4.     Clean scrape and mop the floors, tape foundation cracks and apply bonding agent

5.     Furnish all setting materials, thin-sets, grouts and bonding agent

6.     Undercut door jams as necessary

7.     Remove shoe molding (quarter-round) as necessary

8.     Caulk joint between floor and baseboard

9.     Pull and re-set commodes with new wax ring and water lines

10.      Tile under stove (freestanding), refrigerator and legs of dishwasher when possible. Not responsible for icemakers and no gas appliances.

11.      Re-tack carpet in doorways when possible, depending on condition of carpet with the exception of Berber carpets

Clean up jobsite and haul away installation debris




These are minimum charges and utilized on a project-to-project basis, depending on the size and circumstances.


1.     Additional charge for marble, stone, granite tiles of $2.00 sq.ft.

2.     Additional charge for diagonal or pattern layout of $1.00 sq.ft.  Stairs priced on an individual basis.

3.     Additional charge saultillo tiles sealed $1.50 sq.ft, unsealed $.50 sq.ft. per coat plus the cost of the sealer

4.     Additional charge for removal of ceramic, wood, marble $Additional charge for removal of ceramic, wood, marble $3.00 with the exception of double-fired ceramic, $3.50 sq.ft.

5.     Acid wash, etch terrazzo floors and set with multi-purpose thinset, Acid wash, etch terrazzo floors and set with multi-purpose thinset, included

6.     Charges for larger products, up to 16”x16” additional $.50; 18”x18” additional $1.00 sq.ft; 20”x20” additional $2.00 sq.ft.

7.     Additional charge of $2.50 linear ft. for installation of tile base

8.     Additional charge for clipped corner inserts, starting @ $5.00 each

  9.      Additional charge for mosaics and listellos

 10.      Additional charge for duroc or backer board over wood floors $3.00 sq.ft.

Plumber required for toilet installation in upstairs situation to raise flange.


Last Updated: 06/30/2010