Industry-First Tile Installation Protection Warranty With Dens-Shield Tile Backer for

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ATLANTA, GA. February 15, 2002 -- Dens-ShieldŽ tile backer has performed superbly since its 1988 marketplace introduction for use as a substrate for interior floor, wall and countertop tile applications. So well, in fact, that Georgia-Pacific Corp. (Georgia-Pacific) is now offering the best warranty in the industry.

Now Dens-Shield, from Georgia-Pacific, comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on every tile installation applied over it. That means if a tile installation properly applied over Dens-Shield using tile industry standards ever fails, Georgia-Pacific will reimburse the owner for the cost of repair or replacement not only of the Dens-Shield panels but also the cost to repair the entire tile assembly.

Moisture is the primary culprit where tile failure is concerned. Continued moisture migration can weaken the bond between the adhesive and backer board so tiles can pop off a wall or become loose on countertops or floors. Dens-Shield features an acrylic tile-side coating that keeps moisture from penetrating into the board or migrating into the wall cavity. Moisture can create problems not only with the tile but can rust fasteners and rot framing members behind the backer board, which can cause not just tile but entire wall failure. The surface coating of Dens-Shield bonds tightly with mastic or thin-set to create a water-impermeable package behind the tiles. Even if grout cracks, Dens-Shield stops moisture at the surface. Moisture can't penetrate through its acrylic coating to interrupt the bond or intrude into the wall cavity to damage studs or fasteners.

Tile installers, home builders and remodelers can now offer an unprecedented warranty to prospective home buyers and homeowners on tile installations throughout a home including floors, walls and countertops. No other backer board offers such coverage. To help builders promote this value proposition; G-P has created stickers and counter cards for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas in model homes highlighting the warranty. In addition, builders, tile contractors and remodelers can furnish copies of the limited lifetime tile warranty to their customers or new home purchasers

For a full copy of the warranty or for additional information on the terms, conditions and limitations call the G-P Technical Hotline at 1-800-225-6119